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Acting on Faith Freemium

Visiting another religion’s place of worship can feel intimidating because it is uncomfortable to put yourself in an unfamiliar situation in which you don’t know the norms and expectations. To help you be a respectful guest and to alleviate some of the unknowns, we have collected this list of tips for visiting various places of worship.

Filled with practical tips and background information for visiting six different houses of worship, The Acting on Faith Guide to Visiting Your Faith Neighbors is an educational resource for small groups, youth ministry, Christian Ed, interfaith groups, and more. 

"I LOVE this book. It has wisdom from different traditions, friendship across faiths, learning through engaging diversity, stories of vision turned into concrete action, and so much more ... all traditions call on us to serve others, and there is no greater joy or more important task than to do so together."―Eboo Patel, Founder and President, Interfaith Youth Core

"Read this book and feel God tapping you on the shoulder every few pages as I did."―Rob Wilson-Black, CEO, Sojourners