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Allisa Charles-Findley


Allisa Charles-Findley

Allisa Charles-Findley is President for the Botham Jean Foundation, an organization established in October 2018 in response to the tragic loss of her brother, Botham Shem Jean, who was fatally shot by a police officer in his own Dallas apartment. Dedicated to preserving her brother's legacy, she works tirelessly to uphold the Foundation's vision, which advocates for the powerful combination of Christian intervention and social change. Her efforts have been instrumental in securing the lasting memory of Botham, as she successfully campaigned for the official renaming of South Lamar Street to Botham Jean Boulevard in front of the Dallas Police Department headquarters and played a pivotal role in passing the Botham Jean Act HB929 in Texas.

Beyond her outstanding contributions as President, Ms. Charles-Findley is also an accomplished author. With Jeremiah Cobra, she penned After Botham: Healing From My Brother's Murder By A Police Officer, in which she shares her personal journey of healing after the devastating loss of her beloved brother. Additionally, she has made significant contributions to "Black Love Letters," an anthology that showcases letters and illustrations created by esteemed Black figures. Ms. Charles-Findley's wisdom and eloquence have also granted her the opportunity to speak at a TEDx event. where she captivated the audience with her powerful talk on Embracing Change and the importance of resilience. She further graced the stage at the inaugural summit of the United Justice Coalition. standing alongside renowned civil rights leaders such as Ben Crump and Dr. Berniece King, daughter of Martin Luther King. 

In recognition of the urgent need for action. Ms. Charles-Findley also serves as the President of Sisters of the Movement. Established in 2020, this remarkable organization aims to unite sisters who have experienced the devastating impact of losing a sibling to police brutality, with a primary objective of pursuing legislative change and enacting fair and just laws and policies for people of color. 

Ms. Charles-Findley's dedication to advocacy extends even further, as she is presently pursuing a doctoral degree in leadership. She holds a master's degree in healthcare management and holds a Life, Accident, and Health insurance license in New York. Although previously active in the healthcare sector, the tragic loss of her brother has ignited an unwavering commitment to police reform and achieving justice for victims of police brutality. Guided by Botham’s power belief that collective action can indeed make a difference, Ms. Charles-Findley and her dedicated team remain resolute in fostering his legacy. She currently resides in New York with her three inspirational and motivating sons, who constantly fuel her determination in the ongoing fight for meaningful change.


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