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Chalice Press Launches Annual Fund

PUBLISHED: Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Progressive Christian publishing – celebrating a God of love and justice for every person – is an endangered species in our era.  Too many voices offer instead a god who plays to fear about “the other” and draws lines between who is “in” and who is “out.” Since 1911 Chalice Press has offered the best in resources that reflect the Disciples of Christ historic emphasis on an open table theology and which aid pastors, congregations, and laypersons in their faith journeys.

At the 2019 General Assembly, Chalice Press is launching an Annual Fund as a way you can support this mission.  Chalice receives NO denominational funding or special offerings and is entirely dependent on sales and gifts for its work.

  • In exchange for a gift of at least $50.00 per year, Annual Fund supporters will receive
  • one free book each year from selected titles,
  • a quarterly conference call with President & Publisher Brad Lyons
  • a periodic email highlighting what’s new at Chalice, and
  • monthly highlights of Annual Fund supporters sharing stories of how a Chalice book helped their life and ministry. 

Annual Fund supporters will have the knowledge they are helping support voices which are an alternative to the strident and exclusionary voices that too often seem to dominate the religious landscape.  

“Chalice Press is a non-profit ministry,” says Brad Lyons, president and publisher. “But a gift to Chalice Press is more than a tax deduction. It is a gift to the person who feels unwelcome at church because of their politics, their sexual orientation, or their own questions about faith. We seek to help everybody understand that everybody is welcome at God’s table, no questions asked. Our particular tool for sharing this Good News is the book, and we are sharing that news every day on the shelves of bookstores and libraries and in the one-on-one human interactions that help people of faith demonstrate their compassion and commitment to a holy hospitality and God-like grace.”

Though Chalice Press does not receive Disciples Mission Fund, the Annual Fund is fully in keeping with the Disciples financial covenantal agreements. 

Are you ready now to support the Chalice Press Annual Fund? Donate now.