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Conder, Tim

Tim Conder is the founding pastor of Emmaus Way in Durham, NC. He is completing his PhD in Cultural Studies at the University of North Carolina. His dissertation on the theological roots of faith-based social justice activism has its basis in his work as a pastoral leader/ethnographer in North Carolina's NAACP-led Forward Together Moral Movement. As an organizer, he serves on the Clergy Caucus and Strategy Team for Durham CAN and also has worked on several national campaigns for Metro IAF. He is a Trustee Emeritus for the Seattle School of Theology & Psychology and was one of the founding leaders of EmergentVillage. Tim’s academic publications focus on theological ethnography, cultural studies applied to religion, and critical race analysis in education. His recent pastoral writing includes The Church in Transition: The Journey of Existing Churches into the Emerging Culture and contributions to The Emergent Manifesto of Hope and Pastoral Work (on the life of Eugene Peterson). Organizing Church is the second book he co-wrote with Dan Rhodes; Free For All: Rediscovering the Bible in Community was published in 2009.


Books by Tim Conder