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Drawing on Holy Currencies Starter Kit

 Drawing on Holy Currencies
Starter Kit

Dare to discover how to live the abundant life Jesus talked about. Drawing on Holy Currencies: Awesome, Amazing, and Animated Activities for Stewardship is an interactive (and fun!) new tool for exploring your gifts and purpose in the world. Created by best-selling author Eric Law and his artist-nephew Dave, the new graphic workbook is filled with 52 weeks' worth of creative activities to empower you to live into a life of abundance and generosity.

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Eric H. F. Law, an Episcopalian priest, is the founder and executive director of the Kaleidoscope Institute, the mission of which is to create inclusive and sustainable churches and communities. For more than 20 years, he has provided transformative and comprehensive training and resources for churches and ministries in all the major church denominations in the United States and Canada. He writes a weekly blog called The Sustainist: Spirituality for Sustainable Communities in a Networked World. Visit his blog at