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Dr. Jennie S. Knight is the author of Feminist Mysticism and Images of God: A Practical Theology, and co-author of Engaged Teaching in Theology and Religion with Dr. Renee K. Harrison. Knight currently serves as Assistant Vice Provost for Faculty Development at the University of Virginia. Previously, she has served as Director of Engaged Teaching with the Center for Principled Problem Solving at Guilford College and as Director of Religious Education and Assistant Professor in the Practices of Religious Education and Community Ministries at Emory University.

In addition to her two books, Dr. Knight has published several journal articles and book chapters about transformative religious education with youth, intergenerational, cross-cultural community-based religious education, and religion and popular culture. She earned a Ph. D. in Religion and Education, with a Graduate Certificate in Women's Studies from Emory University in 2005 and a Masters of Divinity from the Claremont School of Theology in 1998. She was ordained to the ministry at Oakhurst Baptist Church in Decatur, Georgia in 2006.



Books by Jennie S. Knight