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Religish Blessings Collection

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When it comes to religion, "choose one" is no longer your only option. Rachelle Mee-Chapman is a spiritual director to the so-called "nones" (people who claim no religious affiliation). She has just written a beautiful new book entitled Relig-ish: Soulful Living in a Spiritual-But-Not-Religious World. In it, she offers guidance and support for faith-full people making peace with their religious past and being true to who they are today!

As a special thank you for simply checking out her new book, we want to send you a FREE copy of Rachelle Mee-Chapman's Relig-ish "Blessings Collection," 14 beautifully written and designed blessings that are sure to encourage you on your spiritual journey.

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Learn more about Relig-ish: Soulful Living in a Spiritual-But-Not-Religious World by Rachelle Mee-Chapman

Rachelle Mee-Chapman’s new book Relig-ish will help you:
  • Create a set of spiritual practices that fit into your daily life and honor the things you value most.
  • Develop right-fit spiritual practices for yourself and your family outside of going to church.
  • Shake off harmful religious messages and embrace truths that won’t damage yourself or your soul.
  • Build bridges towards your religious family members by identifying the common values that are the bedrock beneath your beliefs.
  • Discover that your soul is not at risk and you are not lost in your wondering, wandering post-church world.


Once upon a time Rachelle Mee-Chapman was an ordained minister. When the “faith of her fathers” started pinching around the middle, she made a shift. Her theme of “care for creative souls” touches everything she does, including mentoring clients who identify as formerly churched, spiritual-but-not-religious, or who are just creatively soulful. In 2009 Rachelle began hosting Flock, an online community to create right-fit spiritual practices rooted in their collective history, authentic to who they are today, and creative enough to grow with the members.