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Unbinding Your Church Freemium

 Get the resource that has helped thousands of congregations pray and share their faith!

Your church is looking for a spark. How do you get folks to check out your church?

How do you get them to come back? How can you unbind God's potential in your congregation and your people?

Congregational change and the whispered word "evangelism" make most church people pack up and head for the hills. The Unbinding the Gospel Series is different. Learn how to start a new evangelism project in the best way, creating maximal traction and minimal conflict in mainline congregations. This free sample includes the "Best Practices to Start Unbinding" -- read this before you do a THING with the Unbinding Books in your church.

Martha Grace Reese knows how to revitalize congregations. A successful leader for several projects focused on congregational transformation, spiritual leadership and evangelism in congregations for almost two decades, Reese grounds her work in seven years as senior pastor of a revitalizing congregation, tripling worship attendance in the first three years.

The Unbinding the Gospel Series has helped more than 15,000 congregations in all 50 states, 49 denominations, and at least 8 countries. Your congregation can be next!