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Are You Still Watching?: Using Pop Culture to Tune In, Find God, & Get Renewed for Another Season

SKU 9780827201064
by Stephanie Kendell & Arthur Stewart

Are You Still Watching? is for readers who enjoy pop-culture and are serious about deeper matters concerning spirituality and being a positive presence in the world at-large. What does “Ted Lasso” have to tell us about hermeneutics? What can the church learn from “Schitt's Creek”? Would you attend a Sunday school class taught by Loki? Perhaps your entertainment is sustaining your faith more than you think.

Pop culture does more than entertain us. At its best, it is a mirror—maybe sometimes a distorted funhouse mirror—reflecting to us beauty, absurdity, and profound truth of what it means to be human. These musicians, actors, writers, and producers often sit in the prophet’s chair and offer us modern parables with deeper meanings waiting for those with ears to hear. When we watch and listen through a spiritual lens, their stories challenge our beliefs, help us understand our faith, and encourage us change how we treat others and the world we share. Are You Still Watching? highlights different entertainment vehicles like television shows, movies, music, and podcasts showcasing the best in humanity or demonstrating ways we can grow our faith.