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Believing in Preaching

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by Ronald J. Allen, Mary Alice Mulligan, Diane Turner-Sharazz, Dawn Ottoni Wilhelm

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Believing in Preaching reveals the diverse ways that congregations listen to sermons. Interview excerpts from an extensive study and homileticians' analyses help preachers to see how sermons affect the faith of their congregations and how they can use preaching to shape congregations' understandings.


"In this creative book ‘the pew’ speaks to ‘the pulpit.’ Turnabout is fair play. Before proclaiming another sermon, preachers should listen to the homiletic wisdom of listeners contained in this volume. These words from the pew will greatly enrich the proclamation of the Word from the pulpit.”—Brad R. Braxton, Vanderbilt University

“Jesus commanded, ‘anyone with ears listen.’ But preachers have not always had good resources to help them understand what is going on in the hearts and minds behind those ears. Mulligan, Turner-Sharazz, Ottoni Wilhelm, and Allen provide preachers and the church with a snapshot of people’s understanding of preachers and preaching, their concerns and hopes for what their ears will hear as we enter a new century and new millennium. With the book’s treatment of a wide range of topics, from the role of God in sermons to what kind of delivery people appreciate, seasoned preachers as well as neophytes will find this an excellent addition to their preaching collection. It is clear that the authors do believe that preaching is essential to our life together and they want to bridge the gap between preachers and listeners.”—Lucy Hogan, Wesley Theological Seminary