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Birth of Jesus - Journey through the Bible, Year 2 Sessions 16-23 (EPDF)

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Edited by Douglas D. Cripe

Journey through the Bible is a church school curriculum series. Start with the sessions in Year 1 to follow the Bible in chronological order or buy the sessions with topics that most interest you. Using this product, adult leaders and class members gain deeper understandings of the Bible and what it means for us today. Each session includes the biblical text, background information, and suggestions for activities and conversations that will help participants make the story their own.

This Journey through the Bible session contains the story of the birth of Jesus.

Contents Introduction to the Course
Bible Story Sessions
The Birth of Jesus and His Preparation for Ministry
Session 16: Angel’s Announcement
Session 17: The Birth of Jesus
Session 18: Simeon and Anna
Session 19: The Magi and the Flight to Egypt
Session 20: Jesus as a Boy
Session 21: John the Baptist
Session 22: Jesus Prepares for Ministry

Review and Reflection
Session 23: Review of Sessions

Special Days Sessions
Celebrating the Church School Year
Celebrating Christmas
Celebrating Easter
Celebrating Pentecost