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Bread of Blessing, Cup of Hope: Prayers at the Communion Table

SKU 9780827204508

by Michael E. Dixon


The Lord's Table and the role of prayers in the communion service is a significant part of Christian worship. Each worshiper is not merely a spectator but an active participant in a symbolic and meaningful ritual. "Bread of Blessing, Cup of Hope" is introduced as a sourcebook and aid for those entrusted with the responsibility and privilege of leading prayers at the Lord's Table.

The book contains prayers that serve as models or inspiration for leaders to prepare their own prayers. It suggests using the prayers for private meditation before each Sunday's service, regardless of whether one will pray publicly. It encourages personal reflection, underlining meaningful passages, writing variations, and questioning. After choosing a prayer, it advises reading it prayerfully, offering personal prayers, and taking time for stillness and quiet reflection before writing one's own prayer.

Different options for selecting specific prayers are presented, including choosing the prayer that resonates most meaningfully at a given point, aligning with the seasons of the church year, or referencing specific scripture passages. The book's format and thought are shaped by the belief in the wholeness and integrity of worship, responsiveness to the church year's flow, reliance on scripture as the basis for prayer, and a balance between contemporary language and traditional theology.

Author Michael Dixon highlights the importance of devotion, love, and spirituality expressed in prayers at the Lord's Table, regardless of the wording used.