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Bridging the Gaps: A Field Guide to Networking

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by Paul Lister, James Bryant, Bob Cleeland, and Dan Zaloudek

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This book is the aggregation of more than 130 years of experience of four very different, highly successful men-a lawyer/politician, a business leader, a coach/recruiter, and a retired two-star general. It speaks to a deliberate approach to creating, maintaining and leveraging contacts, acquaintances, and friends-connecting groups of people who help with business dealings, and who provide personally rewarding and life enriching experiences.

Bridging the Gaps provides a whole new way of looking at leadership and organizations - using networks as structural models for boards, staffs, and think-tanks. Drawing from such modern sources as The Tipping Point, this book looks at building networks in parallel communities, expanding the value that connected people bring to each others' lives.