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Call Me If You Need Anything and Other Things Not to Say

SKU 9780827204980

by Cathy Peterson


Because they don't know what to say or do, many people feel awkward or shy away from those who are suffering from terminal illnesses or who have experienced loss or other tragedies. With insights from personal experience, Cathy Peterson turns awkward conversations into words of comfort and good intentions into real help and encouragement. She provides sensible advice on everything from sending cards to mowing the lawn to offering condolences, including advice on what not to say.

Call Me If You Need Anything...and Other Things NOT to Say is straightforward guidance on how to show that you really do care.


"Cathy Peterson has written an insightful guide filled with heartfelt recommendations for those who need to know what to do and say during the most stressful of times. Cathy is more than an inspiration, she is a gift!"
—Teresa J. Connell, art therapist

"Simple, yet so complete. Having found myself on both sides of difficult situations, I can appreciate Cathy's desire to help others through such trying times. This book is right on target."
—Bettye Scarborough, registered nurse

"Cathy offers specific guidance that could make even the most uncomfortable person know what to do immediately."
—Bonnie McEver Estes, licensed professional counselor