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Changing Shape of Church History, The

SKU 9780827204904

by Justo L. González

History is not just about the past — it is a dialogue between the present and the past, with historians posing questions and receiving answers that depend on their perspectives.

In The Changing Shape of Church History, renowned theologian Justo Gonzáles listens to voices from centers other than the North Atlantic to help us see a different perspective of church history — a global story that includes those previously marginalized — as he offers us a hopeful outlook for the future of world Christianity.

Gonzáles recognizes the field of church history is undergoing significant changes, driven not only by new sources and scholarship but also by the evolving nature of the church and the world. These changes can be found in various areas such as the relationship between pagan and Christian in the early church, the study of gnosticism, analysis of medieval manuscripts, exploration of medieval mystics and heretics, new interpretations of influential figures like Luther, Calvin, and Wesley, and even in obscure topics being researched in dissertations. However, the challenge lies in connecting these cutting-edge areas to ministry in the present-day. “The Changing Shape of Church History” explores the significant changes already underway in the field of church history and their lasting impact.