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Dear Son: Raising Faithful, Just, and Compassionate Men

SKU 9780827206786

by Jonathan B. Hall and Beau T. Underwood


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What does it mean to be a faith-filled dad to a son? There is no shortage of media stereotypes, masculine caricatures, and talk-show opinions, but do they offer any helpful or practical advice for today’s fathers? Dear Son: Raising Faithful, Just, and Compassionate Men is a candid examination of fatherhood’s joys and difficulties.

Framed in a series of letters from two dads to their still-young sons, this book offers alternative perspectives on what faithful fatherhood looks like today. Instead of reinforcing sexist social dynamics and machismo attitudes, authors Hall and Underwood articulate and defend an understanding of masculinity that presents a father as a servant of God, a man of emotion, and someone striving to raise sons committed to confronting the injustices of the world rather than perpetuating them. Dear Son is a call to action for other fathers to deeply reflect—especially in light of their Christian faith—on what it means to have someone look at them and say, “Dad...” and to be able to respond with their whole heart.

Dear Son is made possible in part by a generous donation from First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) of Colorado Springs, Colorado, where Jonathan Hall serves as its senior pastor.