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Healing Grief

SKU 9780827214415

by Victor M. Parachin


Healing Grief delves into the inescapable nature of death and its profound impact on our lives. When dealing with the loss of a loved one, we face a pivotal decision: either navigate a healthy grieving process or remain trapped in perpetual suffering. Author Victor Parachin optimistically asserts that most people eventually find a path of "good mourning," a journey that allows them to remember their loved ones while progressing emotionally and mentally. This transformative process fosters personal growth, leading to heightened awareness, compassion, and wisdom.

Parachin urges readers to opt for healing and recovery after experiencing loss, emphasizing life's neutrality – it neither fully supports nor destroys us. Parachin offers a roadmap for navigating grief, with ten steps for finding healing:

  • Know What to Expect
  • Put Your Pain into Words
  • Let Friends Be Your Lifeline
  • Be Aware of “Miserable Comforters”
  • Commit to Overcoming
  • Tap into Your Faith
  • Get Physical
  • Become Informed
  • Join a Support Group
  • Be Patient

The book also provides three appendices, including a section tailored to men, addressing specific steps for their healing journey, debunking common myths about grief, and offering practical insights. Healing Grief serves as a valuable resource for pastors, chaplains, and grief counselors, providing support to those navigating the challenging terrain of loss and mourning.