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Kindom Crafters VBS resource

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Kindom Crafters is a children’s ministry resource based on the themes of General Assembly 2023. Inspired in part by the ultra-popular "Minecraft," it's filled with all the fun you expect from Vacation Bible School and other summer events.

Kindom refers to God’s beloved community and the prophetic vision of a world shaped by God’s love. We see this concept in the families and covenants of the Old Testament and hear it clearly in the teachings of Jesus. Using the word kindom reminds us we are all connected as a family in God’s love.

Kindom Crafters includes five days of learning, playing, creating, and celebrating. Resources for small groups, crafts, games and snacks are provided for each day, along with an opening and closing time. Scripts for storytellers and directions for leaders make Kindom Crafters a great tool for equipping directors, staff, and volunteers. Kindom Crafters also features an optional worship section that can be used at your event, on Sunday mornings, or sent home with families to experience at home.

Special Features:

  • Storytelling that builds communities and explores scripture.
  • Snacks that invite us to play with our food before we eat it!
  • Chronological journey throughs scripture that introduces God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.
What to Expect:
  • Theologically sound curriculum you can trust and feel comfortable sharing with children.
  • Easily adapted resources that can fit your local setting and traditions.
  • Simple resources that do not require extensive filtering or editing.

Kindom Crafters is a digital download that will be emailed to the email address used in your order.