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Planning Sabbaticals: A Guide for Congregations and their Pastors

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by Robert C. Saler

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While there are many books on helping pastors prepare for a sabbatical, there are no texts that approach the experience with the congregation in mind, from start to finish. This guide for congregations and their pastors draws on nearly two decades of wisdom from the Lily Endowment Clergy Renewal Program and helps draw the conversation away from a pastor-centric model and towards a holistic congregational framework for thinking about how the entire community can benefit from a pastor’s sabbatical. 


"If your congregation is considering a pastoral sabbatical, this book is your companion to create an extraordinary experience for both clergy and congregation. With clarity and winsome examples, Robert Saler provides practical wisdom on how to shape a sabbatical in which clergy and congregants have parallel experiences of soul-deep renewal." ―Tim Shapiro, Indianapolis Center for Congregations

"Rob Saler has given us an ode to joy, for the renewal of congregations and clergy. This is a practical guide to a courageous life giving experience. Clergy renewal leaves can be the whole church’s version of Bach’s “Gloria.” ―Rev. Michael Mather, author of Having Nothing, Possessing Everything: Finding Abundant Communities in Unexpected Places

"Here’s a trusted voice for congregations and ministers who are planning a pastoral sabbatical. Saler’s style and insight honors the sacred, Spirit-led relationship between pastors and congregations. His helpfully defined terms, diverse examples and practical wisdom address with care and hope the common questions and concerns associated with a renewal leave." -William B. Kincaid, Herald B. Monroe Associate Professor for Leadership and Ministry Studies, Christian Theological Seminary, Indianapolis, Indiana

"Rob Saler amazingly moves the discussion of sabbatical beyond its initial roots that focus on the pastor to the next stage of maturity where, by the grace and mercy of God, both pastor and people are renewed and shape a new season of shared ministry together. A must read for pastors and leaders of congregations!" -Frank A. Thomas, Director PhD Program, African American Preaching and Sacred Rhetoric Christian Theological Seminary, Indianapolis Indiana