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Preaching and The Other:Studies of Postmodern Insights

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by Ronald J. Allen

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Preaching and the Other introduces the reader to six major themes characteristic of the postmodern era that are important for preaching and explains their implications.

Themes discussed include: perception as interpretation, deconstruction, otherness, transgression, pluralism, and the importance of apologetics.


"Whatever their theological disposition or denominational affiliation, preachers can find postmodernism daunting especially when it comes to developing practical pulpit strategies. Employing his hallmarks keen insight, clear expression, and mentoring wisdom Ron Allen offers postmodern preachers serious (and welcome) help. He depicts dimensions of the postmodern ethos not as pieces of a puzzle to be solved, or ciphers of a code to be cracked, but as facets of a prism with which preachers play a prism continually turned in different directions to catch and refract the colors that dance across the boundless spectrum of Gospel light." —David J. Schlafer, editor of What's the Shape of Narrative Preaching?