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Searching for the Sacred: Sixty Meditations on Faith, Hope, and Love

SKU 9780827231894

by Cameron Trimble

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Searching for the Sacred: Sixty Meditations on Faith, Hope, and Love is a book of stories and parables designed to inspire hope, insight, courage, and resilience. Each day, readers can spend 30 minutes engaging with one of the 60 meditations and related scriptures, pondering the questions that tie the daily thoughts together. This practice offers a meaningful opportunity for reflection. Beyond personal use, Searching for the Sacred is suitable for group discussions in classes or small gatherings.

Praise for Searching for the Sacred:

As soon as I read a dozen or so of these devotionals, I knew what I wanted to do: go back to the beginning, slow down, savor one each day, and then, after two months, start over again. Rev. Cameron Trimble's insights are rich, poignant, and on point ... and they will help you search each day for the sacred in your daily experience.
— Brian D. McLaren, Author, Do I Stay Christian?


Cameron's words are good medicine for weary souls in need of relief. These reflections are a clear and beautiful reminder that for those who move through this world in love, the ground we are standing on is always holy. 
— John Pavlovitz, Author, A Bigger Table and If God is Love, Don’t Be a Jerk


In this troubling, exhausting time of life, Cameron Trimble gently draws us back to the deep waters of rest. Her insight inspires us to take a simple, small moment. In doing so, we find we are ready once more for the challenging moment at our door.
— Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis, Public Theologian, Activist, and Author, Fierce Love: A bold path to ferocious courage and rule-breaking kindness that can heal the world


Cameron Trimble’s relentlessly faithful reflections will ignite the courage needed to engage the greatest moral challenges humanity has ever faced.
— Rev. Dr. Jim Antal, Special Advisor on Climate Justice to UCC General Minister and President


Searching for the Sacred is a poignant series of meditations that meets our current moment. Through reflecting on scripture and other sacred stories, Trimble invites us to go deeper into our spiritual practices to find healing, transformation, renewal, connection and courage to see the new thing God is doing in this season.
— Rev. Jennifer Butler, Founder in Residence, Faith in Public Life