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Slow Burn: Reclaiming Yourself after Everything Burns to the Ground

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SKU 9780827235618

by Sarah Carter and Corinne Shark

Available 2024

How do you pick up the pieces of your life after it's been shattered by systemic corruption? This is the question long-time friends Sarah Carter and Corinne Shark are forced to ask after joining brave victims and speaking out about their own experiences of religious corruption and sexual misconduct in the faith-based non-profit world.

Carter and Shark weave their stories into three sections: 

  • Ruin tells of loss and trauma, making room for the reader to find their own experiences of grief within the pages.
  • Rise shares their process of emerging from the ashes with the courage to embrace healing, including therapy, breathwork, and unraveling matters of faith out along desert trails.
  • Return brings the authors home to themselves through the reclamation of the parts buried long ago, inspiring the reader to do the same. 

Slow Burn is a fiery beacon inviting the reader to find their way out along the edges and back to their full selves, reclaiming the power of saying yes to what makes them fully alive as they decide they no longer belong to the ideas and systems and expectations they were once handed and instead, they belong to themselves.