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The Stone-Campbell Movement: A Global History (Paperback)

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By D. Newell Williams, Douglas A. Foster, and Paul M. Blowers

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Encompassing the world history of the Stone-Campbell Movement, this book is the newest and most comprehensive volume available.

Table of Contents:

  • Emergence of the Stone-Campbell Movement
  • Developments in the United States to 1866
  • Growth of African American Institutions to 1920
  • The Expanding Role of Women in the United States, 1874–1920
  • Divisions in North America:The Emergence of Churches of Christ and Disciples of Christ
  • Origins and Developments in the United Kingdom and British Dominions to the 1920s
  • The Expansion of World Missions, 1874–1929
  • Churches of Christ: Consolidation and Complexity
  • Disciples of Christ: Cooperation and Division
  • The Emergence of Christian Churches/Churches of Christ
  • Responses to United States Social Change, 1960s–2011
  • Significant Theological & Institutional Shifts in the United States
  • Developments in the United Kingdom and British Commonwealth
  • The Stone-Campbell Movement in Asia Since the 1920s
  • The Stone-Campbell Movement in Latin America and the Caribbean Since the 1920s
  • The Stone-Campbell Movement in Africa Since the 1920s
  • The Stone-Campbell Movement in Europe Since the 1920s
  • The Quest for Unity
Contributors: Carmelo Alvarez, missionary-consultant for the Global Ministries (Christian Church and United Church of Christ) in Latin America and the Caribbean. Paul Blowers, professor at Emmanuel Christian Seminary, Lawrence A. Q. Burnley, assistant vice president for diversity and intercultural relations and assistant professor of history at Whitworth University, Douglas Foster, Professor of Church History in the Graduate School of Theology of Abilene Christian University and Director of the Center for Restoration Studies, Stanley Granberg, missionary and director of Kairos Church Planting Support, John Mark Hicks, theology and church history professor at Lipscomb University, Loretta Long Hunnicutt, church history professor at Pepperdine University, Timothy Lee, professor at Brite Divinity School, Edward J. Robinson, professor at Southwestern Christian College, Scott Seay, faculty of Christian Theological Seminary, David Thompson, Emeritus Professor of Modern Church History in the University of Cambridge, Mark Toulouse, principal and professor of the history of Christianity at Emmanuel College and in the Department for the Study of Religion at the University of Toronto, D. Newell Williams, president and professor of modern and American church history of Brite Divinity School, Glenn Zuber, ordained minister



"With its global scope The Stone-Campbell Movement: A Global History breaks a new ground in Stone-Campbell historiography. This monumental work should be read by all those who are interested in the history and the current state of the SCM, including scholars, students, and church leaders….In the context of the historiography of the SCM, the book should be seen as part of, or perhaps at the pinnacle of, what Michael Casey and Douglas Foster described as the 'renaissance of Stone-Campbell studies' (The Stone-Campbell Movement: An international Religious Tradition [2002]: 1-65). What is new are the book's historiographical approaches that take into account globalization and postmodemity. First and foremost, the Global History should be judged by what the book aims at, namely, the 'first attempt at a world history of the SCM'. For historians, the book is a gold mine of information that will stimulate further research. The editors, contributors, donors, and publisher of this immensely important book should be commended for the great service they provided for the global church."–Yukikazu ObataRestoration Quarterly 56.2, 2014

"The Stone-Campbell Movement: A Global History is a bonanza of information worldwide about the three existing branches of the SCM……Only a theological and moral conviction of the editors and sponsors renders this enterprise plausible. The Global History conveys both a multidimensional memory and an existential hope that the SCM is a reality that transcends ideological separation. It is a summons to recognize the divine inspiration of a common origin in faith and the vision of Christian unity that defy the oppositions of more than a century of separate identities. The Stone-Campbell Movement: A Global History fills a need for each of the three principal branches, both for their respective annals and also for their discovery of one another. Beyond that, it is a sign of mutual obligation. A sense of unity begins here." –William J. NottinghamRestoration Quarterly 56.2, 2014

"A great deal of historical effort is required if religious traditions want to make 'inclusion,' 'global,' and 'diversity' concretely meaningful instead of just aspirational. This well-researched, carefully organized, and consistently insightful history of the Stone-Campbell Movement represents a very positive step in that direction. This major study is particularly welcome for how it integrates the history of better-known Restorationist groups in the United States and Britain with innovative treatments of the movement throughout the whole world."–Mark A. Noll, University of Notre Dame

"This book is a triumphant achievement. Here, fourteen historians speak in one voice to tell one of the most inspiring stories in the history of Christianity. For all who wish to understand how what began as small groups of faithful Americans gained a global presence, they need only turn these pages. The Stone-Campbell story unfolds here in all its grandeur."–Glenn Thomas Carson, Disciples of Christ Historical Society

"This is a work of great importance, showing how religious history gathers the great spheres of human endeavor to widen horizons through the struggles and achievements of individuals and groups. The ideas and movements that fashioned these new communities of faith had a lively sense of justice and a global outlook. The book combines meticulous scholarship and clarity of style to offer an engagingly comprehensive account of the Stone-Campbell Movement."–Lamin Sanneh, Yale Divinity School

"This new global history is at once both impressive and unprecedented. The volume is a breathtaking effort to chronicle developments in a significant worldwide movement. Not only are churches around the globe under purview, but insights are set out in regard to race, gender, mission strategy, social climate, and theological predilections. The reader is rewarded with rich and fascinating details in respect to the topics presented. A digesting of this book is imperative for all those who wish an enriched appreciation of their own legacy."–Thomas H. Olbricht, Pepperdine University

"The Stone-Campbell Movement: A Global History is a monumental achievement. Collaborative style and international reach make it pace-setting for church histories of the future. Editors Williams, Foster, and Blowers marshal a team of experts in fashioning a sweeping narrative of the three worldwide churches originating from the Stone-Campbell early nineteenth-century movements for Christian unity. This history is now essential reading for anyone claiming to know anything or care at all about these churches. More, it is a case study of Christian cross-cultural encounters—and an appealing read."–James Duke, Brite Divinity School

The book is made possible in part thanks to the generosity of these donors:

  • Bethany Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Fort Washington, Maryland
  • Ms. MaryAnn Brown
  • Rev. and Mrs. David Caldwell
  • Mr. John David McAllister Caldwell
  • Dr. and Mrs. Glenn Thomas Carson
  • Disciples of Christ Historical Society
  • First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Duncan, Oklahoma
  • Dr. Cynthia L. Hale
  • Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Haynes
  • The Estate of Jayne Hopson
  • The Estate of Lester McAllister
  • Otter Creek (Church of Christ), Brentwood, Tennessee
  • Ray of Hope Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Decatur, Georgia
  • The James and Dudley Seale Publications Fund
  • Dr. and Mrs. Douglas Smith
  • Vine Street Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Nashville, Tennessee
  • Woodmont Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Nashville, Tennessee