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Thank you for purchasing directly from Chalice Press! We're grateful for your support.
Thank you for purchasing directly from Chalice Press! We're grateful for your support.

Welcome to Triumph: Seasons of Triumph Book 1

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SKU 9780827235588

by Brittany Kooi and Kendra Joyner Miller

Available winter 2024

It’s a modern-day Mitford. Three clergy women form a fast friendship as they help the people of Triumph County, Wyoming navigate daily drama and joy. With a diverse cast of characters (Korean American, Native American, pan-sexual, gay, gender fluid, and more) and true-life scenes of pastor life that only female pastors could provide, Welcome to Triumph is a multi-layered revelation.

In the isolating mix of small-town America, online life, and family challenges, teenagers Sarah, Layla, and Johnny Tae are struggling to find meaningful direction. They are fast succumbing to nihilism and its subsequent acceptance of life-endangering behaviors. But three clergy women – Birdy, Ara Grace, and Nell - are determined to overcome their own insecurities and inabilities to walk these Triumph teens through apathy and into the light of life.

About the Authors

Brittany Kooi is a rostered minister in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). She serves as a congregational pastor in the Denver metro area. Kooi is a graduate of Bethel University and North Park Theological Seminary and was ordained in 2019. She first served two congregations in the Chicagoland area before moving to Denver.

Kendra Joyner Miller serves at First Congregational Church of Glen Ellyn. The daughter of a minister, Miller grew up all over the U.S. She attended Catawba College and Yale Divinity School. She is also a contributing writer for the Young Clergy Women International magazine, Fidelia. Instagram is @firefli2989.