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With Signs Following

SKU 9780827243194

by Raynard D. Smith

Born to ex-slaves in Reconstruction-era Tennessee, Bishop Charles Harrison Mason had a vision for the Church of God in Christ (COGIC) that thrives today in an international Pentecostal church with more than five million members. With Signs Following: The Life and Ministry of Charles Harrison Mason examines the social, cultural, and religious aspects of Bishop Mason's leadership and creative genius in establishing COGIC as a distinct Black Church tradition.

With Signs Following shares four decades of research from leading scholars that addresses the sociological, theological, psychological, social-ethical, and historical perspectives of COGIC and Mason's ministry.

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  • Christopher Brennan
  • Ithiel Clemmons
  • David D. Daniels III
  • Glenda Williams Goodson
  • Robert R. Owens
  • Craig Scandrett-Leatherman
  • Raynard D. Smith
  • Frederick L. Ware 


"This book clearly expands the current scholarship on The Church of God in Christ, arguably the world’s fastest growing denomination. It contains much new information about the life, thought and ministry of its founder, Charles Harrison Mason as well as careful analyses of the church’s theology, social witness, African roots and impressive organizational structure for women’s leadership that was made possible by the practical wisdom of its benevolent founder. Clergy, laity, seminarians, and scholars will find in this volume many new and challenging insights." ―Peter J. Paris, Princeton Theological Seminary

"What a powerful, insightful book about Charles Harrison Mason. From a historical perspective, Dr. Raynard D. Smith provides a comprehensive immersion into the life and legacy of a great spiritual leader and founder of the Church of God in Christ (COGIC). Drawing from the collection of essays, Dr. Smith masterfully traces the complex yet complete account of Charles Harrison Mason’s journey to establish the COGIC. According to Dr. Smith, this book introduces new information about Charles Harrison Mason—a religious African American icon. It is also one of the few revealing books that presents an accurate, well-documented portrayal of the events impacting the establishment and tremendous growth of the COGIC. A must read for the religious community seeking truth!" ―Willie A. Bragg, School of Graduate Studies, Morgan State University