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Your Calling as a Deacon

SKU 9780827244115

by Gary Straub and James Trader II


This resource for individual and group study explores what it means to be a deacon in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Addressing both the leadership and spiritual requirements of the position, Your Calling as a Deacon offers new and seasoned deacons the direction, understanding, and encouragement to serve God and church.


“Folksy, almost breezy, language disguises serious, insightful spiritual counsel to those seeking to discover their call to diaconal ministry. This long-needed book will contribute greatly to those searching to see if they fit this lay ministry, those already serving as deacons, and those who seek to equip the ministry of the diaconate. Don’t let this easily read book keep you from appreciating its depth and its practicality.”
—Peter M. Morgan, Disciples of Christ Historical Society, President, retired, Author of Disciples Eldership/A Quest for Identity and Ministry

“‘An adventure with God?’ Is that the way the people in your congregation describe their ministry as deacons? Your Calling as a Deacon provides biblical understanding and insightful encouragement for all who would serve in this role. The church needs to reclaim an adventurous faith. Deacons who embody the spirit and practices of this book can lead us in that direction.”
—William B. Kincaid, III, pastor, Woodland Christian Church, Lexington, Kentucky