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Coming Attractions! Sneak a Peak at the Chalice Press Spring 2024 line

Coming Attractions! Sneak a Peak at the Chalice Press Spring 2024 line

Are you a never-miss-the-coming-attractions person? Do you get excited knowing which movie will be appointment viewing in a few seasons? Then this is the email you have been anticipating — the Chalice Press Spring 2024 Book Line.


Pop up some popcorn and enjoy!

Welcome to Triumph: Seasons of Triumph Book 1 by Brittany Kooi and Kendra Joyner Miller

Launch date: January 30, 2024  

In the isolating mix of small-town America, online life, and family challenges, three teenagers are struggling to find meaningful direction. They are fast succumbing to nihilism and its subsequent acceptance of life-endangering behaviors. But three clergy women are determined to overcome their own insecurities and inabilities to walk these Triumph teens through apathy and into the light of life. With a diverse cast of characters and true-life scenes of pastor life that only female pastors could provide, Welcome to Triumph is a multi-layered revelation.

Blessed are the Women: Naming & Reclaiming Women’s Stories from the Gospels by Claire K. McKeever-Burgett

Launch date: February 27, 2024

Claire K. McKeever-Burgett combines her own personal journey with the stories of ten remarkable women from the New Testament.. Through a blend of storytelling, poetry, and prayer, Blessed are the Women invites readers to reimagine worship, embrace women's narratives, and foster healing within themselves and their communities. This empowering book ignites a call for a more inclusive and egalitarian faith that embraces the fullness of women's voices and experiences.

Slow Burn: Reclaiming Yourself after Everything Burns to the Ground by Sarah Carter and Corinne Shark

Launch date: June 2024  

The collapse of two different Christian-based ministries amid sexual misconduct scandals united Sarah Carter and Corinne Shark, whose families were uprooted when their husbands confronted systemic corruption and abuse. The story, Through a writing style that is both honest and gentle, Slow Burn creates space for the reader to name the pain, honor the ache, and allow for the possibility of hope.

Confessions of a Former Prosecutor: Abandoning Vengeance & Embracing True Justice by Preston Shipp with Eric Wilson

Launch date: April 23, 2024  

Once an Assistant Attorney General in Tennessee, Preston Shipp found his convictions challenged after teaching criminal justice courses to incarcerated people from the Tennessee Prison for Women. He resigned from prosecuting and continued teaching. Soon after he would meet Cyntoia Brown, an exceptional individual whose story would become intwined with his own while he traveled his path to redemption.

The Nominee: A Novel by Michael Kinnamon

Launch date: May 21, 2024   

Matthew McAvoy’s surprising nomination to lead his Christian denomination is, at first, exhilaration — the apex of a career in ministry, education, and leadership. Soon, though, that joy is undercut when a member of the church calls attention to Matthew’s support for persons who are gay or lesbian. What follows is an eight-month ordeal, challenging Matthew and providing new awareness of what the gospel demands. Author Michael Kinnamon writes from his own experiences as a denominational leader, theologian, and professor.

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