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Craddock on the Craft of Preaching - paperback edition

SKU 9780827205376

by Fred B. Craddock

edited by Lee Sparks and Kathryn Hayes Sparks

No one has had more impact and influence on the craft of preaching in the last several decades than Fred Craddock.

After his retirement from a distinguished teaching career, he became free to share his wisdom with a wider audience. His lectures and workshops show an ever-expanding scholarship beyond his published books. This book has gathered the "best of the best" of these lectures/workshops and offers them to preachers and students of preaching for critical reflection and increased effectiveness.


"The book is filled with Craddock stories of which he is a master teller, and they continue to serve as models for how to tell stories. His stories are life-like and ring with the reality of one who has sat where we have sat. Craddock's books like As One Without Authority, Overhearing the Gospel and others have literally changed preaching and affected how another generation preaches. This practical collection of his lectures will enrich any preacher, young or old, male or female, and challenge him or her to improve and broaden their art of preaching. Everything Craddock writes is worth reading and studying, and this book is certainly worthy of any preacher's time and study. Preachers will find it easy to read and inspiring."

-William Powell Tuck, Baptist Minister at Large