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Doing Anti-Racist Business: Dislodging and Dismantling Racism with the 4REALS

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by Sheila M. Beckford and E. Michelle Ledder

There is a vast difference between talking about racism and doing the work of anti-racism. Using their proven 4REALS method, Sheila M. Beckford and E. Michelle Ledder equip you to move beyond recognizing systemic racism in the corporate sector to actually dislodging and dismantling it.

REAL TALK places the wording necessary for discussions about racism and anti-racism in direct contact with how to say the uncomfortable things, do the necessary things, and remain responsible to best business models throughout. REAL STRATEGIES prioritize ACTION-NOW Learning Engagements which center actions primed to create externally evidenced anti-racist outcomes. REAL TIME incorporates role plays from business scenarios to interrupt and dismantle racism in the moment. REAL CHANGE requires accountability and measurement. So, tracking modules, assessment paradigms, success and failure markers, and agile strategies for making on-the-go shifts and avoiding common obstacles are provided.

Alongside your commitment to move beyond talk and into informed, change-driven action, Doing Anti-Racist Business is your playbook.

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About the Authors

Cofounders of 4REALS, LLC, Sheila M. Beckford and E. Michelle Ledder are anti-racist anti-racism trainers whose inaugural book, Anti-Racism 4REALS, is based in their signature “4REALS” method.

Beckford utilized her earned accounting degree in the fields of accounting and property management for over 14 years. Her consistency in challenging the “one-and-done” diversity training model is unmatched. She has trained thousands of people while serving on boards and committees and throughout her life’s work.

Ledder’s business and training acumen spans 15 years in the fitness industry, a second career in Personnel and Payroll Leadership, and a third as Director of Anti-Racism Education for a global non-profit. She lives in Baltimore with her pit-boxer, Cashmere.

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