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  • Why We're Publishing "A Bridge in Babylon"
    June 14, 2021

    Why We're Publishing "A Bridge in Babylon"

    Military chaplains like Father Mulcahy are a walking paradox: a voice for compassion, kindness, and humanity while wearing the uniform of those who are, in the worst of times, directed to inflict damage, show as little mercy as possible, and ordered to forget their own humanity. For those of us who have never served in the military, the closest we can come to understanding a military chaplain’s life is to hear the stories of those who come closest to God walking among us.

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  • On Behalf of a Grateful Nation
    May 27, 2021

    On Behalf of a Grateful Nation

    “On behalf of a grateful nation…” 

    These words form the preamble that accompanies the handing of an American flag into the waiting, often trembling, arms of a grieving loved one. It was a powerful symbol. It sought to convey a shared sense of sacrifice on behalf of the military, the service member and the family. This relationship was inextricably forged within the covenant of duty to country. Both the flag folding and the utterance of these words were done with exact precision. Each practiced and perfected movement was a far cry from the often violent way in which war created the occasions for these memorials.

    Photo by Ludovic Gauthier on Unsplash

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  • A Mental Health Blessing
    May 25, 2021

    A Mental Health Blessing

    As people of faith, we look to God for comfort to help get us through what I call the “valley of the shadow of mental illness.” God offers us unconditional love, comfort, and hope to get us through the valley. Even though we know God loves all of us, sometimes people with mental illness feel unlovable and wonder if God truly loves them. Some people claim that mental illness results from being cursed by God. I want to reassure you that God loves you! You are not cursed!

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  • Mental Health Sunday: Toward a New Understanding
    May 14, 2021

    Mental Health Sunday: Toward a New Understanding

    In the United Church of Christ, this Sunday is Mental Health Sunday. Many congregations won’t choose to observe it at all, while a few will have Mental Health Sunday at a different point in the year. However, it isn’t something that should be overlooked or avoided. Church can be helpful or harmful, and our history indicates that we have harmed more than we’ve helped when it comes to mental health. Too many people, even in progressive congregations, still believe that mental illness is a punishment for sin, a character flaw, or evidence of insufficient faith. Isn’t it time we tell it like it is? Isn’t it time we end the silence and shatter the stigma surrounding mental illness in our churches?

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  • Best Books for Moms, Dads, and Seminary Grads
    May 4, 2021

    Best Books for Moms, Dads, and Seminary Grads

    May is here. It's the month of Mother's Day (May 8th). And let's also not forget Father's Day coming up on June 20th. Graduations are happening too. It's been quite a year. Let's honor the special people in our life. If you're looking for inspirational books as gifts to express appreciation, allow us to recommend a few of our top books.  
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  • Rethinking our Relationship with the Planet: 10 Practices for Earth Day
    April 19, 2021

    Rethinking our Relationship with the Planet: 10 Practices for Earth Day

    Maybe for this 51st anniversary of Earth Day, we can use this time to rethink our relationship with the planet going forward. We can make different choices that protect both Earth and our neighbors.  Hopefully, this pandemic will show us that not only are we capable of making different choices, but that we must. Rather than being forced into future emergency stops, we can return to the ancient biblical wisdom of sabbath: planned, regular, and complete rest for ourselves and God’s Creation. 

    As you approach Earth Day, here are some practices to help you with intentionality, prayerfulness, awareness, and faithfulness to God, Creation, and the human community.

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  • Sharing Our Stories Heals Us: Reading Blessed Union with a Group
    April 14, 2021

    Sharing Our Stories Heals Us: Reading Blessed Union with a Group

    Blessed Union: Breaking the Silence About Mental Illness and Marriage is an invitation for you to create communities of truth telling and healing. Reading Blessed Union together in small groups and inviting people to reflect on the themes of mental health and relationships is an important step we can take to
    end the stigma and shame. In community, we can listen with compassion, offer care and support. We can remind people that they are not alone and that there is help.
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